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East Hampton Town
Democratic Committee


Campaign 97 - Suffolk Life

P. O. Box 4188
East Hampton, NY 11937
(516) 329-6930

Mr. David J. Willmott
Suffolk Life Newspapers
P. O. Box 167
Riverhead, NY 11901-0102

Dear Mr. Willmott,

 Thank you for your letter of 6/25/97 congratulating me on my nomination for East Hampton Town Trustee.  No one was more surprised than I was when the Chairman of the East Hampton Town Democratic Committee, Mr. Chris Kelley, called to invite me down for an interview.  As you note in your letter, the sacred honor and privilege of our electoral system is indeed special and is not underestimated by me.  I was truly honored that the East Hampton Town Democratic Committee would select me, a registered Republican, as their nominee.  Not surprisingly, we both espouse the same views as to what our town’s needs are and what planning for the future we should be doing.  As Town Trustee, responsible management of bays, harbors, beaches, dunes, trails, and certain parcels cannot be underestimated.  East End towns are in the midst of astonishing growth and only with foresight and appreciation of these wonderful natural resources can we expect to keep hold of these treasures for our children.  I look forward to meeting your reporter to further discuss any issue and indeed we’ll walk around some of our beautiful bays and creeks, so bring deck shoes or sandals.

Warmest regards,

Barry W. Leach
Democratic Candidate
East Hampton Town Trustee