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East Hampton Town
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P. O. Box 4188
East Hampton, NY 11937
(516) 329-6930

Accabonac Protection Committee
(Attn: Cile Downs)
956 Springs Fireplace Rd.
East Hampton, NY 11937

Dear Cile:

 Please find enclosed the issues that we, the East Hampton Town Democratic Trustees, have determined will mark the cornerstone of what we stand for in the November 1997 elections.  As you will see, we are not at all satisfied with the current board of Republican Trustees.  We believe that they have broken the faith that we town residents had placed in them and we’re not going to let it stand.  Please review all issues carefully and provide us some feedback as to your organizations concerns on these and other issues that you deem important.  We feel that input from organizations such as yours are an absolute necessity in order to initiate sensible and timely legislation and to adequately represent all town residents.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and APC.

Warmest regards,

Barry W. Leach
Democratic Candidate
East Hampton Town Trustee