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Campaign 97 - Introductory Speech

Introduction. All of these candidates possess an enthusiasm and an imagination that does not currently exist in the Town Trustees.  I am in fine company.

This year’s election will be about issues, not rhetoric and hyperbole.  Serious issues, which will have a lasting effect on our town long after November.  One issue is trust.  How can we trust Republican Trustees which have squirreled away nearly a quarter million dollars while our Town’s boat ramps are mired in sand and are fast becoming unsafe and unusable, while our shellfish hatchery is operating on a minimum budget yet still producing 10 million shellfish per year.  We will support the hatchery with all means available including grants.  What could they possibly be hoarding that money for?  Golden parachutes perhaps? 

It’s our opinion these Republican incumbents are not at all interested in reducing fees as evidenced by their imposition of additional fees on our baymen in Napeague.  We will.  We will reduce fees across the board for our baymen.  These courageous men who are least able to afford it have been padding Trustee bank accounts for years and its going to stop.  

We encourage private enterprise especially in the area of marine sanitation.  Bob Darenberg’s pump out boat has become a surprising success story and we look forward to encouraging its expansion next year. 

We will encourage high school credit programs in marine biology and oceanography in order to expose our young people to our rich maritime heritage.  

We will be responsive to community groups and take a proactive roll in problem identification and problem solving. Additionally, we should be staunch supporters for the Lost At Sea Memorial at Montauk Lighthouse.

 We are adamantly opposed to ferry service to Fort Pond Bay or any other Town Harbor.

Another serious issue may be decided prior to Election Day.  The Trustee Environmental Resources Permit (TERP).  Next Thursday the Town Board will hold public hearings on the future of this Republican grab for power.  We encourage everyone to speak up against this excess to the Dongan patent.  For more of an in-depth view of this issue I’d like to present Mr. Frank Kennedy, after which we will be available for any questions you may have.  Thank you.