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  As a pilot and aircraft owner based in East Hampton I can only   wonder what the leadership of the East Hampton Pilots Association is  doing to themselves.  I am not a member of their organization, nor under current leadership do I choose to be one.  How is it that an organization that formed to serve aviation enthusiasts has become such a pariah to virtually everyone in our Town? Could it be because of their leader's selfish and adversarial methodology? I think so.     
     Clearly such an organization needs credibility to engage in civil give-and-take dialogue with our local legislators. Because of "the sky is falling" tactics employed by their leader their association's credibility is approaching zero as I have  personally seen the audience's eyes glaze over when any airport issue presented "is vital to aviation safety".  While safety is important to all aviators, and      maintaining a capital asset of the Town is just good business, not turning very nearly the entire Town against everything done at the airport is also important-- which is where we are with the proposed airport legislation.  This proposed legislation is seen by nearly all Town residents as necessary not only because of all the sniping  that went on last year in regard to the runway reconstruction, but       because of how that project was ushered through in the first place.  Faulty procedure, bad communication and an unwillingness to listen to neighbors by a former councilman the EHPA supported was evident since its creation.  This proposed legislation is necessary because we want to prevent that type of 11th hour nonsense in the future.  Open, responsive government is good government.  The Town's concern for the underlying aquifer and excess noise makes all of us, not just the aviators, pay attention to issues affecting the airport.  I heard an EHPA member last month on LTV say that current jet aircraft "are virtually silent".  That's just silly.  Try standing near Mr. Mort      Zuckerman's Falcon 90 (looks like a smallish Boeing 727) on a warm  summer afternoon and hold a conversation while he just idles on the ramp.  
          Has the EHPA leadership's efforts resulted in elevating (no pun intended) the goals and concerns of local aviation and local pilots?  Are they being listened to any longer?  Has their efforts resulted in more people or less people being angry at, or suspicious of, our aviation community?  Are the nearby residents of the airport satisfied that everything  possible is being done or has at least been considered to ease existing or projected noise issues?  If the answers to those questions are not in the spirit of how we residents view the future of our Town nor in the spirit of open and honest conversation then we can ask another question;  why is the leadership of the EHAA    still the leadership?
          Now I'm not writing this in an effort to get into dueling editorials about who is, or isn't, doing a good job or who does, or doesn't, have a representative opinion. I had my fill of that last November.  However, I believe that the EHPA could be, and certainly should be, a unique cog in the wheels of our local government and it  would be a shame to waste an opportunity to improve conditions and     communications among neighbors and aviators because of the aggressive tactics employed by a select few nonresidents.
Barry W. Leach