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To Melissa Bishop-Morgan, Chairwoman, 
Southampton Democratic Party, 7/7/99

Hello Melissa,

Thank you so much for visiting our page.  We would very much like to see Southampton Dems get one also and be on the leading edge of milennium technology.  If you need any help, just ask.  We've been very concerned lately of the development activity between Southampton and Bridgehampton.  Left unchecked it will ruin your rural
character and almost certainly demand the long dead Sunrise Bypass be re-visited by those screaming about increased traffic.  We are not happy about that prospect and will resist with all means available (ipso facto
injunctions not ruled out).  We have heard that EH Town was given notice recently about a meeting in ref to this.  Who was it sent to?  We'd be interested to know who was asleep at the switch.

Warmest regards,

Barry Leach