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Told You So!


Well, don't let anyone ever say that we didn't tell you so.
This past weekend (8/21-8/22) the world's largest private
aircraft, the Gulfstream 5, registration # N22, owned and
operated by the Ford Motor Company made it's first appearance ever at East Hampton Airport.  The aircraft was so big that it was unable to taxi to the last on-ramp to runway 10 when it left on Sunday.  It got off at taxiway A1 went to the end and then made a u-turn.  It was some sight!  It couldn't go to the end because its' wingspan was so large that the trees near the taxiway at the end may have been an obstruction.   This airplane was the biggest, most beautiful piece of aviation technology I have ever seen.
But it doesn't belong HERE!  So when the airport expansionists (read GOP) tell us that reconstructing the runway had no effect on attracting larger aircraft to East Hampton, you can just refer to the above mentioned behemoth, to Mr. Ford, and to our new milestone in
the Republican agenda to expand our airport at the expense of our rural character.


Barry W. Leach