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The Moving Wall Vietnam
 Veterans Memorial visited
 Amagansett, NY from  
 September 19, 2000 through
 September 27, 2000. 

 Without question, it was the single
 most profound event we have ever
 successfully undertaken. 

 We thank the many volunteers and
 local businesses who pulled
 together to make this remarkable
 display possible.  Without them we
 could not succeed. 

 We will always remember the
 52,219 young men and women
 who gave their lives so we may live
 free.  God bless them all. 


Looking east: 0700, September 22, 2000



American Legion Post 419 Auxiliary.



Wreath placed in honor of PFC William P. Flynn.





Channing Prothro making some on the spot
repairs to the back of The Wall.



Miss Patricia Flynn and past CDR Joe Capri.


1300, September 23, 2000.