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                The East Hampton Town Democratic Committee has come out in support of the two moratoria proposed by the Town Board and scheduled for public hearing August 4th.  The moratoria would freeze development for six months for commercial properties on Route 27 and for commercial properties in the Water Recharge Overlay District for a six month period while the Town updates its Comprehensive Plan.  The Democratic Committee voted at its July 27  meeting to support these important proposals and has issued a statement (see below) by its chairman, Christopher Kelley, which was sent to the Town Board urging passage of the resolutions.  The Democratic Committee urges all supporters of these moratoria to appear at the public hearing on August 4th to voice their support for the proposals and urges passage by the Town Board.

August 1, 2000

Town Board
Town of East Hampton
159 Pantigo Rd.
East Hampton, NY 11937
Attention:  Honorable Jay Schneiderman, Supervisor

              Re:    Moratoria

Dear Supervisor Schneiderman and Members of the Board:

                The East Hampton Town Democratic Committee resolved on July 27 to support passage of the two proposed moratoria scheduled for public hearing on Friday, August 4, 2000.  This includes the resolution on "Moratorium On Site Plans And Special Permits Affecting Certain Parcels Of Land Within The Water Recharge Overlay District" and the proposal for a "Moratorium On Site Plans And Special Permits For Certain Uses On Parcels Of Land Along New York State Highway 27".

                The East Hampton Town Democratic Committee feels strongly that these two moratoria are important to help maintain the status quo    while the Town updates its Comprehensive Plan with respect to all development and particularly with respect to commercial development along Montauk Highway and in the Water Recharge Overlay District.  We believe it is in the best interest of the Town for development in these areas to be halted, while the Town considers how best to modify its Zoning Code to provide maximum protection for the environment, and in particular for water recharge, and to mitigate as best as possible the traffic, visual and other impacts of commercial development.

                These moratoria, in conjunction with the moratorium on subdivision approval previously passed by the Town Board will significantly help the Town Board achieve its stated goals of freezing approval of significant development proposals while the Town re-evaluates its land-use planning goals, and how best to implement those goals through an amended Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code.  We strongly urge the Board's approval of both of the above referenced local laws.


Christopher Kelley
Chairman, East Hampton Town
Democratic Committee