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If You Care About East Hampton,
Then Vote Here!

If you are a New York State resident who owns and occupies
more than one residence in the State of New York,you may want
to consider choosing East Hampton as your domicile for voting.
Elections in East Hampton have been won or lost by as few as 11
votes.So,your vote counts for more here!

The Election Law in New York is that,if you have more than
one bona fide residence in the State,you may choose one to which
you have a legitimate,significant,and continuing attachment as the
place at which you register to vote.

A residence is not merely a home that you own (such as one
held out for rent),but one that you occupy on a regular basis and to
which you intend to return when you are elsewhere.Many people
who own a home in East Hampton that they occupy periodically
would qualify under this standard and,if registered elsewhere in
the State (or if not registered to vote),can re-register and vote in
East Hampton,either in person or by absentee ballot,in the
General Election this November 4.

Registration is simple and can be done by mail.To get a
registration form,click on Register to Vote on this website..
The deadline is October 10, so register to vote today!

If you live in a rent-stabilized or controlled apartment in the City of New York,it is
recommended that you maintain New York City as your place of voter registration.While place
of voter registration,by itself,may not conclusively answer the question whether you are entitled
to the benefits of the New York City rent-control and stabilization laws,it is better not to create
an opportunity for a landlord to raise question s about your status.