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“Bill understands what it's like to wake up one morning and feel like you've moved without moving, like your town's disappeared.  His only special interest is she people of East Hampton.  Bill McGintee is the peoples choice - a leader, a listener, a thoughtful man of character we can trust. Bill McGintee works for us.”

People for McGintee

‘I appreciate the votes of confidence the people of East Hampton gave me on The East Hampton Party line two years ago.  By putting party politics aside and the peoples interests first in this local election, we can do what is best for our town.

—Bill McGintee

July 2003

Dear Neighbor.

Because Bill McGintee is in law enforcement, he is prohibited by the NY State election law from asking for financial help for his campaign for East Hampton Town Supervisor.

But People for McGintee can.

In 2001, on the East Hampton Party line, Bill ran an independent campaign for East Hampton Town Supervisor. So many voters, regardless of affiliations, took a chance voting for him even though he was what politicians call a third patty candidate. Bill did very well in very little time and a small budget.

In 2003, Bill is running again on the East Hampton Party line for Town Supervisor, but this time he has received the non-partisan endorsements of the Democratic and Working Family Parties. His 2001 message must have captured their attention. Tn 2003, Bill's message remains the same.

Bill believes that major political parties with their statewide and national allegiances do not have any constrictive place in small town elections. He believes that the only commitment in a small town belongs to the people and the place. Bill McGintee is the peoples choice.

Back in 2001, Bill McGintee said we were waking up each morning and feeling like we moved without moving. In 2003, two years later, people are telling him things have gotten worse. Overcrowding, traffic, noise, code violations that deteriorate neighborhoods — are destroying our quality of life and our small town community. Even the New York Times wrote about it. (7/13/03, Long Island Section)

No wonder! After waiting four years for a promised Comprehensive Plan update, four months before an election we see a document that the East Hampton Star calls neither comprehensive nor a plan (Star editorial 7/17/03, click here).

And though neighborhood groups and townspeople begged for more time to review it, a public hearing was rushed but two weeks after the document's July release when working people could not have had he time to pay attention to it.

We don't have to tell you this is no way to run a town; it is a way to run it down.

East Hampton needs a politics free, partisan free, leader at the helm, one who knows right from wrong, good from bad, who doesn't shift with the winds, mislead the public or take a poll to find out where he stands. We really believe Bill McGintee is that kind of leader and that he can get our town back on track

Bill McGintee, nominated by the people, and endorsed by both Democratic and Working Family parties, is an exceptional candidate. So People for McGintee are asking for your help.

To many this is the last chance election for East Hampton to save what we all love about where we live. Only by putting partisan patty politics aside and the people's interests first in this local election, can we do what's best for our town. Bill McGintee said that; People for McGintee believe that; if you do, too, please give us your support.


Mary Ann La Carrubba, Amagansett

Martin Rubenstein, East Hampton

Harry Ellis, Montauk 

Brian Gilbnde, Sag Harbor

Lynn Ryan, Springs 

Jack Dworsak, Springs

...and other People for McGintee for Town Supervisor