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The following East Hampton Town residents have graciously sacrificed  both time and resources in order to better the Democratic Party in East  Hampton.  Listed in numerical order by election district, they represent  the future of the Democratic and East End way of life. 

  Click on your election district to view district map, geographical description, and Democratic Committee representatives contact information.
ED1 Vacant
Robert Tulp
ED11 Michael O'Neill
Barbara Layton
ED2 Andrew Malone
Sheila Stevens
Judith Mitchell *
ED12 Betty Mazur
John Weiller
ED3 Vacant
Phyllis Estey
ED13 Vacant
Richard Maden
ED4 Cathy Lester
Joy Gordon
ED14 Barry Leach
ED5 Phyllis Maden
Valerie Scorsone
ED15 Christopher Kelley
Maggie Garsetti
ED6 Carol Morrison
Larry Smith
ED16 Marie Ongioni
Joan Ehren
ED7 Stephen Grossman
Richard Wolf
ED17 Mary Jean Erario
Jane Barton
ED8 Edward Gilliam
Joan Bakos
ED18 Dorothy Disken
Joe Peel
ED9 Charles Hitchcock
ED19 Lillian Disken
Shirley Katz
ED10 Vacant
Hy Brodsky

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