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9/30/2001 - Photos of this year's candidates are now available.
David Gruber
Job Potter
Sylvia Overby

6/28/2001 - East Hampton Democrats publish this year's Mission Statement and Platform.



5/27/2001 - Candidate selections for this November's elections are as follows:

David Gruber - Supervisor
Job Potter - Town Board
Sylvia Overby - Town Board
Fred Overton - Town Clerk
Chris Russo - Superintendent of Highways
Cathy Cahill - Town Justice
Mary Gardiner - Town Trustee
Stephen Lester - Town Trustee
Ron Stanchfield - Town Trustee
Arlene Coulter - Town Trustee
Betty Mazur - Town Trustee
Richard Madan - Town Trustee
Phyllis Madan - Town Trustee
Bob Tulp - Town Trustee
Larry Smith - Town Trustee
Gene DePasquale - Town Assessor

Entire slate receives Green Party endorsement.

4/22/2001 - Local website BONAC.COM posts opinion on Republican's trip to Cuba.  CLICK HERE.

Click here to view the Committee's position on the Building Moratorium.

Click here to view the Committee's position on the Long Lane Recreation Facility.

10/25/2000 - In what would be the most blatant display of partisanship and cronyism, East Hampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman (R,I), appointed political hack John Carley as East Hampton Town Receiver of Taxes.  This, in spite of the availability of several other superior candidates.  Mr. Schneiderman has already acknowledged that it was pay back for the campaign work of Mr. Carley.  A few tidbits of information on Mr. Carley:  (a)  In 1981 he was part of the federal management team that inspired 12,000 air traffic controllers to strike due to working conditions he was personally responsible for, (b)  In August 1997 while running for re-election for East Hampton Town Trustee, directed a public tirade at attorney (now Southampton Town Councilwoman) Carolyn Zenk, calling her "a carpetbagger".  This while Mr. Carley had been a local resident for a mere 7 years, (c) From 1995 to 1997 Mr. Carley supported the attempt to eliminate the East Hampton Town Planning Department and supported the Environmental Resource Permit designed to undermine the development review process initiated by the Democratic leadership of then Supervisor Cathy Lester (d)  As recently as August 2000 Mr. Carley was heard to say, after discovering that a home had been built near to his home for $400,000, "if I could get $400,000 for my place, I'd be out of here in a heartbeat". 

9/28/2000 - Chris Kelley will be seeking reelection as Chairman of the Committee at the organizational meeting of October 12, 2000.  Also seeking reelection will be Dorothy Disken, Secretary.  Carol Morrison is seeking election as Treasurer and Arlene Coulter to Vice Chair.

EDITORIAL 8/14/2000

The local newspaper version of The Republican's Handbook, the East Hampton Independent, last week gave a public dressing down to Republican Councilwoman Pat Mansir for meddling in issues without proper research or coordination.  The editors were emphatic about Pat's lack of counsel with the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee and behind-the-back maneuvering at attempting to thwart ACAC and Councilman Job Potter's work on the Amagansett Historical District.  Could this be the beginning of legitimate journalism by The Independent or has the East Hampton Town Republican Party (affectionately known as Darwin's dumpster) gotten tired of Pat and wishes to forward another candidate?

Click here for full version of The Independent's editorial.


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