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1997 Trustee Campaign, Last Licks

     Since this is the last issue of the Star prior to Election Day, it will give all candidates running for office one last chance to hammer the other side or make one final point in a battle of either intellect or ego that seems never to end.  Well, and I'm sure to some people's disappointment, I'm going to take the high road and not take any parting shots.  All the points have been made, and all the differences in philosophies have been exposed during debate, speeches, and dueling editorials.  It's democracy in action and I am humbled at being invited to be a part of it.  There's been allot of disinformation presented by some incumbents on many issues.  I hope that you, the people, can see it for what it is.  I will say that I honestly believe that this year's debate towards the position of Town Trustee has been ultimately very good for the residents of East Hampton.  I think that we have brought a substantial amount of light onto exactly what the Trustees are and should be doing and how they should be representing all the people's interests.  Additionally, they should be an advocate for not an antagonist to the Baymen.  In the future, because of our discussions, they will be held accountable to even higher standards because we, the people, will expect that their overall mission will be to help in the improvement and protection of our beautiful town and we will settle for nothing less.  I hope you, the residents of East Hampton, allow me to be the instrument of that change in the Board of Trustees; let's change for the better.  Please vote for me on Row A or Row G, this Tuesday; I won't let you down.
Barry W. Leach
Democratic Candidate for
East Hampton Town Trustee