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Councilman Job Potter
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Dear Job:

 As we discussed, here are a few questions for the Panel that I believe need to be addressed.  I'm sure that as we go along more issues will require addressing but this should be a good start.  See you soon.

Barry W. Leach

1. The 1994 Airport Update Plan recommends reconstruction of runway 10-28 from a 75' width to a 100' width as a safety improvement.  This same report also recommends reconstruction of runway 04-22 from a 100' width to a 75' width.  Why would 75' for runway 10-28 be unsafe, yet perfectly safe for 04-22?  

2. The 1994 Airport Update Plan recommends a runway 10-28 length of 5300'.  Should the Town use FAA dollars to reconstruct runway 10-28 to 100', after 20 years when it needs to again be repaved will the FAA withhold funds for any reconstruction less than 5300', effectively forcing the Town to lengthen the runway because of cost?

3. The 1994 Airport Update plan calls for reconstruction to be based on the "critical aircraft" of the CL60 Challenger aircraft.  Why then was the design specifications cited in the Runway Design Report designed for a G4 Gulfstream IV aircraft which has a maximum gross weight 50% more then the Challenger?

4. All relevant current aviation documents refer to runway 10-28 as being 75' wide.  How then can repaving to 100' be a "repair" and not a reconstruction?

5. What Town Board resolution exists either supporting or not supporting the 1994 Airport Update Plan?

6. What would it cost for the Town to do a simple repave of runway 10-28 to 75' without any sub-surface improvements?  To 100'?  

7. Since Daniel's Hole Road is currently an obstruction to aircraft arriving on runway 28, why has a displaced threshold not been created to mitigate the problem as has been done on runway 22?

8. What efforts have been done to date to mitigate the existence of a rare variety of grasses that exist in the triangle between the runways in order for a full length parallel taxiway for runway 10-28 to be constructed?

9. What is the cost of the larger fuel tanks proposed?  How long would it take the Town to recoup the added costs based on the economies of scale gained?

Submitted by
Barry W. Leach