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Dear Editor,

I'd like to address probably one of the easiest questions ever been posed in your letters section.  Last week Nancy McCaffrey asked, "what has happened to the Kings, Vorpahls, Osbornes, Holmses and other longtime residents?"  Besides from the fact that she does a disservice to every other "longtime" family like Bennett, Duryea, Edwards, Gosman, Miller, Mott, Lester,
Talmadge, Tilinghast, Tuma, and dozens of others, she only has to look around.  You'll find their families, and many others, participating in every facet of local government and the local economy.  Whether it's at the IGA, the Gann Road Dock, the Town Dock at Montauk, off Napeague tending fish traps or with a clam rake, as a CSEA member, the local police chief, keeping our highways and beaches beautiful or as Town Trustee or Town Supervisor,
the "longtime residents" are still doing what they love best:  carrying on a multi-generational tradition of caring and love for our Town like no others can.  I am grateful to call some of them my friend.  So Nancy, just look
around.  You'll find that in the course of your day you interact with so many wonderful residents who really do willingly give their time to serve East Hampton in any way they know how.  My family is only 3 generations in
East Hampton Town.  But does it really matter where you're from, what your birth certificate says, or what ancestor you can trace your roots back to?  The only thing that should matter is the desire and drive to make a positive contribution, in whatever way, to our Town.  If you're sincere, and your motives are pure, only good things can happen.

Barry W. Leach