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Len Bernard's Hot Air Balloon

March 27, 1999
P. O. Box 4188
East Hampton, NY 11937

       It was nice to see that not much has changed in regard to a certain party's methodology and their revisionist attempts in trying to explain away their woefully inept performance in regard to community involvement on airport improvements.  Mr. Benard tells us that there have not been any B707, 747, 737, 727, et. al. aircraft to land at our 
airport since it's reconstruction.  That's not surprising since it's only been a few months, winter months, since its' completion and simple physics won't allow anything bigger than a 737 to land and take off again from our 4242' runway.  But really, that was not the point at all during the debates of last year and the year prior and I'm surprised he wants to keep beating this dead horse.  The question was, 
and still remains, is this:  will the reconstruction of 10/28 result in an increase of volume of larger aircraft to East Hampton?  That includes large business class aircraft of the type that, as an example, Mr. Zuckerman flies, a Falcon 900.  The only way we will be able to answer this question intelligently will be to compare the traffic types during the summer months of each successive year with a 
baseline year of say "summer of 1997".  After 5 years of data collection, starting this summer, the answer should speak for itself and be free of partisan attempts to explain anything away.  I'm sure airport manager Pat Ryan is more than capable to make an independent analysis if asked.  Any conclusions made now or in the interim is irresponsible conjecture and speculation and will only assist in inflaming passions again on a subject that needs no accelerants.       Let's be prudent and for a change speak from an informed position.
        On another issue, it was amusing to note that at the last Town Board hearing on the Sammy's Beach/3 Mile Harbor Dredging Project there were no republican Town Board members in their usual chairs.  No, they were in the audience simulating them being "one with the people" or more likely a shameful attempt at distancing themselves     from a difficult issue.  At this spectacle, solidarity was not the word that came to mind.  Rather it was courage, or more to the point, their lack thereof.  
Barry W. Leach