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Moe, Larry and Carley

Seems the local version of Moe, Larry, and Curley were very busy last week attempting to put their own political spin on the misfortune of a public servant and one who I consider a friend of mine and who I also consider a dear friend of the town.  The despicable diatribes and sickening speculations of Preiser, Foley and Devine must stop.  If you wish to continue to take shots at my friend Fred, take a shot at me first.  Leave my friend Fred alone.  For those vultures with daggers out of scabbards and circling behind, dull your blade on me first.  Leave my friend Fred alone.  Fred Yardley is one of the nicest and most genuine men I've met in my entire life.  For better or worse, I'm sticking with Fred.
Barry W. Leach