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Same Old Non-Candidates

     As is so often the case, it seems the best defense is a good offense, not only in sports, now apparently in local politics.  I'm referring to the psychotic rantings in last weeks issue of the Republican candidates for Town Board and Supervisor.  Mr. McSweeney, it seems, passes this test of good judgement and mob psychology by not participating.  Good move, Phil.  It was predicted by some
that this years election would be yet another mud slinging fest by some candidates that have nothing to offer themselves, only the capacity to criticize others without an original solution of their own and generally annoy the voting public with droll rhetoric, hyperbole, and promises that will never be honored.  Voters can see through these hollow do-nothing candidates.  You see it's the office itself these vain people seek and not honor of receiving the opportunity to serve the public.  I was originally going to
respond to their pathetic babblings about misrepresentations made concerning the airport and what the difference is between resurfacing a road and rebuilding a runway.   I think we've all heard just about enough about the airport and if they continue to try to spin the factual record, they will once again find themselves on the second week in November wondering what had happened to their wonderfully sinister strategy.  I was going to ask if anyone had heard the recent radio advertisement on our local radio stations by Executive Jet International extolling the virtues of fractional ownership of the BBJ or Boeing Business Jet.  The BBJ is another name for the Boeing 737.  I don't
recall ever hearing that one before the runway was widened to 100 feet.  And why advertise on a local East Hampton radio station?
     As a voter and resident of East Hampton, I think I speak for many others in saying that we're tired of hearing the same old whining about the same non-issues by the same Republican candidates.  Show us some fresh ideas or get some fresh candidates.  They can start with candidates that are fiscally responsible enough to pay their property taxes on time;  and I'm not talking about Jay.
Barry W. Leach