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Annual CRABBIE Award

To the editor, 
    It's that time of year and, like it or not, our highways seem to sprout political signage virtually overnight, sometimes within hours.  Vote for this guy, vote for that gal, vote for him, her, me, them, or whatever.  They're seasonal blemishes on our well kept roads and fortunately only last a few weeks.  One particularly offensive display exists on Montauk Highway between Brent's and the Mobil station in Amagansett.  We all know that in last year's election someone went too far in his or her zealousness in supporting one Trustee candidate over another.  This year a despicable sign has taken it's place as the winner of the CRo-magnon Award of Bonac.  The CRABBIE.  The childish republican supporters who manufactured and displayed this sign on their truck in their front yard should not only be ashamed of themselves but are single handedly responsible for putting forth the image to out-of-towners that says that they, their friends and their candidates are straight from the Beverly Hillbillies.  Too bad all their energy and dubious artistic talent couldn't have been directed toward helping the Town instead of embarrassing it.
Barry W. Leach
East Hampton Town Democratic Committee
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