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A Message from the Chairman:


By Christopher Kelley
Chairman, East Hampton Town Democratic Committee

     The East Hampton Democratic Committee is proud to present an extraordinary slate of candidates for local office in 1999.  The officials elected this fall will be the first East Hampton Town officials to take office in the new century.  Although the coming of the second millenium has been hyped in the press, if it means anything in politics, it is a time for those who formulate policy to pause and reflect on whether the long-term goals of this community are being met. 

     After a period of reflection and discussion, and with an eye towards the incredible influx of people and business into the Town over the past several summers, the Democratic team believes it is now time to take another look at the Comprehensive Plan. 

     The Democrats brought in a Comprehensive Plan in 1984 after being elected in 1983 with the Republican abolition of the Planning Department.  As with all planning documents, to be effective, a Comprehensive Plan must be dynamic and change with time.  The time for review and update is now right once again, and we believe there is only one team of leaders you can trust to research the issues of future growth, listen to and discern the opinions of our townspeople and put together a blueprint for our future - the Democratic team. 

     Cathy Lester, Pete Hammerle and Lisa Grenci, along with incumbent Councilman Job Potter, are the people who are best suited and most committed to putting together an effective blueprint for our future which would determine where we preserve land, what land we designate for active recreation, where we provide housing and where we provide the commercial and industrial development needed to maintain our economy while at the same time preserving our natural resources and clean drinking water.  I believe they deserve your vote this year. 

     Also running this year is a bright new candidate for Town Clerk, Marylynn Marrese, whose PhD in finance and computer expertise makes her uniquely qualified for the job of Town Clerk.  We are lucky to have her.  Also, incumbent Town Assessor, Jeanne Nielsen, and candidate Pat Glennon will help bring the Assessor's Office into the 21st century upon election this fall. 

     I urge you to research carefully your choices in this year's election and believe that when all is said and done, you will find the Democratic team will be the most effective team to meet the Town's needs in the years to come. 


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