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Democratic Trustee Goals for the Future.

Thanks to the efforts and intelligent fiscal planning of the Democratic Trustees, we will do more than collect money.  For the first time in years, we will seek to purchase land.  The first priority for these purchased lands will be to provide access to our bays, harbors, and freshwater wetlands.  We will focus on other priorities as well. 

We will: 
Develop  comprehensive dredging and maintenance plan for our harbors and work closely with the Town, County and other Agencies to implement that plan.  We will seek to restore dredge spoil deposit areas to their natural state. 
Edit and publish the previously unpublished Trustee records from 1956 to the present and maintain and restore all other information from the public record.
Continue to modernize and streamline the administration of Trustee business and make office procedures more efficient and friendly. 
Continue a co-operative relationship with all governments;  Town, County, and State. 
Continue our community education and outreach programs.  We will provide printed and other information to schools, advisory boards, and any other interested parties.  We are on-line at
Continue to protect the quality of our waters and our fragile, natural environment and we will advise other responsible agencies. 
Encourage even more co-operation between law enforcement officers and the Trustees.  We will make an effort to understand their needs and aid them in their job.  We will ask their help in the enforcement of Trustee policy as well.
Continue to fight New York State for the rights of East Hampton residents.  The State Park Authority has ignored Trustee rights and has claimed jurisdiction over our lands.  We will do whatever is needed to protect our community, especially our land and our ancient rights. 
Finally, we will be proactive in all respects.  We will tackle any problem and assure the proper conclusion is achieved. 



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