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2000 and Beyond

Chapter 1:
Promises Made, Promises Kept!
1 Delivered. Opposition to any new high speed passenger ferries in Montauk, Sag   Harbor and Napeague.  Now prohibited in zoning code.
2 Delivered. Take responsibility for our own waste and continue to work at being self sufficient and independent recyclers.  In addition,  free compost is now available to all residents.
3 Delivered. Make the difficult decisions to contain our current landfills in a safe environmental manner at a reasonably affordable cost to our taxpayers.
4 Delivered. Despite Republican attempts to shut down the program, 50 affordable Accabonac Apartments are now open and filled with local families at no cost to our local taxpayers.  Created additional affordable home ownership for our young people.
5 Delivered. Open Space Plan is currently being imlemented so as to ensure the quality of our surface and drinking water.  Recently, (1) over 372 acres of deep water recharge near Wainscott, Sag Harbor, East Hampton and Northwest, (2)  24 acres at the head of 3 Mile Harbor, and (3)  189 acres of historic Culloden Point in Montauk, were purchased and/or preserved through private preservation efforts with public funding, coordinated by the Democratic Team.
6 Delivered. To the Republican's chagrin, the Democrats stopped the Republican bid to increase use at the airport and realign Daniel's Hole Road to allow for a longer runway for bigger planes.  Also, any expansion now requires a   public hearing.
7 Delivered. Amagansett Business Corridor.  As per the recommendations of The Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee, the Democrats declined to create more commercial zoning on the northern farm field in the and rezoned the farm field low density residential, thus ensuring
Amagansett's unique hamlet character.  Republicans have waffled on these decisions.
8 Delivered. A pollution abatement program in Lake Montauk is being implemented with 5 sites identified by the County for abatement to compliment the Town's efforts and to protect these rich marine resources through run-off containment.  Through negotiations with the MTA, the Town will be acquiring critical property at the north end of Fort Pond for  pollution abatement purposes.
9 Delivered. Through active lobbying in Albany, the East Hampton Democrats helped secure the popular Community Preservation Fund (2% transfer tax) which uses the money raised to purchase and preserve open space in  East Hampton.
10 Delivered. With the election of  a majority of Democrats on the Trustees, the Republican initiated Trustee Manifesto,  was defeated.  This manifesto would have taken review of any project on our vital shoreline away from the non-political ZBA and allowed the Trustees to grab power over Montauk bottom lands.
11 Delivered. Democrats implemented "NO-DISCHARGE ZONES" in all our town's  harbors, (the first town on the East End to do so) thus eliminating our "elimination's" and a source of pollution.
12 Delivered. Cathy Lester and the extraordinary 350th Anniversary Committee did,  indeed, make our 350th anniversary the best celebration in the country!
13 Delivered. Listened to the people and made town decisions in the open.  Supervisor Cathy Lester has reached out to our townspeople and appointed over 150 citizens to advisory committees to give input on issues ranging from farmland preservation to Cable TV rates.  This public input is listened to nd respected.
14 Delivered. In order to ensure that the character of our villages and major road corridors aren't destroyed by "big-box" stores, legislation was enacted controlling the size of large superstores and creating Amagansett's Historic District.

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