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2000 and Beyond

Chapter 2:
1999 - The Present

Believe it or not, there are still things to be done and some "miles to go before we sleep."  Please allow us to finish these projects which serve the needs of our townspeople and enhance our quality of life.  The Democratic majority will: 

1.     In an effort to curb any lack of respect for our zoning laws, the Democrats have reorganized the Ordinance Enforcement
Department.  Our new Town Chief Investigator, Steve Gold, is already out in the field with Building Inspector, Fred Sellers' help, citing those who have continually violated our zoning code and flouted our laws.  Also, we enhanced Planning and Zoning legislation to better integrate the functions of various departments. 

2.     Monitor and find ways to upgrade programs initiated by the Democratic Team to improve our resident's quality of life, such as adult day care, senior transportation, nutrition, and expanded youth programs

3.     Work closely with our excellent Town emergency volunteers and public safety departments to monitor the effectiveness of the newly upgraded Town Emergency Communication System.  This much needed system was provided by the Town to increase our rapid response
time in emergencies and save lives. 

4.     Fully implement "permit parking only" to make certain that our beaches in Wainscott and Amagansett are not overrun by day trippers and our new comfort stationsare clean and accessible. 

5.     Continue to look for ways to streamline Town government to meet the needs of our residents without diminishing townspeople's services and the effectiveness of our time honored elected position of Town Supervisor. 

6.     Oversee the restoration of the historic Montauk Playhouse with the input of Montauk citizens. 

7.     Continue to save the Town taxpayer dollars through creative revenue sources such as grants.  In addition, under Supervisor Lester's leadership the full value of the Town increased one billion dollars and East Hampton's unemployment rate was the lowest in four years.  Cathy's innovative 3-year capitol plan has helped to reinforce faith in East Hampton's financial stability. 

8.     Look for more ways to run government as efficiently and as cost effective as possible such as the recent implementation of a
Purchasing Technician whose work reduces the cost of bulk items for town purchasing thus getting us "more for our tax dollars." 

9.     Continue to monitor our Moody's Bond rating.  A recent report stated that East Hampton's credit evaluation is stable.  In fact, a subsequent report from Evensen Dodge, Financial Advisor, points out that East Hampton has not noticed any significant difference in its interest rates (paid on its bonds).  In addition, our legal borrowing limit of $399,052,735 has only been used up to 10.7%, putting the town in sound financial shape

10.    Led by Supervisor Cathy Lester, expanded affordable medical services will be provided to our townspeople located in the Accabonac Apartments.  In addition, Cathy is pursuing housing which would provide for a "continuum of care" which enables our local low and middle income elderly to maintain independent living in their own community. 

11.    Work to oppose Southampton's attempt to funnel traffic into East Hampton through a new four-lane super-highway located in our residential areas over our drinking water supply in Northwest and Amagansett. 

12.    The Democrats are implementing a centralized computer system that is Y2K compatible which will now increase coordination and communication between Town departments to improve efficiency. 

13.    Pursue the closure of the Millstone Nuclear Power Plan and the creation of evacuation plans that include East Hampton. 

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