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Chapter 3:
Platform 2000

     The Democrats were put in office in 1984 by the people of East Hampton upset with the Republican Town Board who abolished the Planning Department during the runaway over development of the 80's. 

     Since then, the Democratic majority has continually addressed the planning needs of our hamlet.  Our Democratic leaders and town planners realize that at the turn of the new century, it is now time to reevaluate and update our Master Plan. 

     East Hampton will reach saturation build out in 10 years.  Therefore, East Hampton Democrats are proposing a comprehensive, in depth assessment of where East Hampton is now, the direction the Town should take to protect our natural resources and quality od life to 2000 and beyond, and how to get there.  We will not do this alone or in a vacuum.  We are asking our residents to play an important part in building this blueprint for our future. 

     We propose to create a committee called East Hampton:  2000 and Beyond.  It will be comprised of twenty-one representatives of our town for the 21st century, to help formulate goals. 

     This committee's input and recommendations are crucial to the realistic implementation of the Town's blueprint for the next century.  In 1984, during the total re-examination of our comprehensive plan, planners visited each hamlet and held many public hearings seeking direction from our residents.  This was not a waste of time.  This dialogue was crucial to the success of the recommendations. 

     We propose that professional planners would work hand in glove with our planning committee to prepare this blueprint for our future.  Many of our recent studies can be integrated into this overall reevaluation.  The Democrats sincerely feel that the time for this important work is now.  It will take time and money, but this work must be done and we have the commitment, leadership and experience to get it done. 

     Finally, government services will not take a back seat during this comprehensive plan update.  Led by Supervisor Cathy Lester, Pete Hammerle, Job Potter and Lisa Grenci, the Democrats will continue to dedicate themselves to the following efforts to preserve our environment and protect our quality of life: 
Actively pursue land acquisitions, including oceanfront property for a new Town beach, commended by the Open Space Plan, with Community Preservation Fund 2% tax revenues and other government environmental funding. 
Identify recreation locations such as ball fields in each hamlet to meet the needs of our growing population. 
Adopt and implement cellular tower legislation so that East Hampton will not look like a space station from outer space. 
Continue to advertise for local people in town jobs at competitive salaries. 
Ensure that our government works for you by increasing the Town's efficiency by completing the computer update and Y2K compatibility. 
Continue to streamline and monitor government agencies to serve the public with respect, responsibility and responsiveness;  institute the viable recommendations from the Town Management Efficiency Study. 
Work to provide a clinic for expanded affordable health services provided by the County located at Accabonac Apartments.


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