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2000 and Beyond

Chapter 4:
Democrats serve East Hampton better!
A proven record. During their brief majority in 1996-1997, they initiated no programs or benefits for our Town.  In fact, they tried to sabotage the completion of the 50 affordable Accabonac Apartments.
Protects our quality of life. Supports a longer runway at our airport and use of bigger planes.
Preserves our natural resources. Zero initiatives, positions UNKNOWN or contradictory.
Experienced leaders. No experience in elected office, except Nancy McCaffrey who only initiated one (1) Local Law during 8 years in office and who the voters voted out two years ago.
Treats others with respect.  Ours is the party of IN-clusion. The same Republicans in 1996 who tried to move newly elected Supervisor Cathy Lester's office to a small back room in Town Hall so they could install their lawyer friends in the Supervisor's office in front, are still running the Republican Party.  Already they have sent a mailing calling Supervisor Cathy Lester, "blundering", "arrogant" and "incompetent."
Good managers who know how to get things done. Jay Schneiderman quits if he doesn't get his way.  Diana Weir recently lived and worked in Washington, and Nancy McCaffrey proposed only one (1) local law in 8 years in office.
You know where they stand. Position on issues unknown.  However, Diana Weir supported her political boss's 100% rating from the Right To Life Party for his votes against a women's right to choose and his votes against gun control.
Reaches out to all members of our community for public input. Nancy McCaffrey pits one segment of our diverse community against the other trying to maximize resentment between year-rounders and second home owners rather than fostering cooperation and promotion of our townspeople's common interests.
Have a definite plan for our future and have experience to get it done. Have never instituted any comprehensive or long range planning efforts on behalf of East Hampton Town.



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